Herbal Remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

We recommend best herbal remedies for diabetic neuropathy treatment. Before I tell you more about diabetic neuropathy cure, let me first tell about “what is diabetic neuropathy?“.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is the neuropathic disorder that is associated with diabetes mellitus. This disorder arises from diabetic micro-vascular injury involving small blood vessels that supply nerves. Other common conditions associated with diabetic neuropathy include third nerve palsy, mononeuropathy multiplex and diabetic amyotrophy. It has been estimated that approximately half of all diabetes patients develop diabetic neuropathy. The signs and symptoms may not start to show for one or two decades. The majority of patients with diabetic neuropathy symptoms do not realize they are affected until the complications are severe. Planet Ayurveda Herbal remedies is very effective for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. The cause of this disease is not known, but genetic factors play some important role.

Herbal Remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy

Treatment for diabetic neuropathy depends on the type of signs and symptoms. The treatment focuses on reducing current symptoms and preventing the condition from getting worse by keeping blood sugar level within a range. Herbal treatment for diabetic neuropathy is well known. In Ayurveda, various herbs were used since ancient times to treat diabetic neuropathy. The natural herbs are very effective, non-toxic and have no side-effects.

As per Ayurveda, the balance of three energies or doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body is a disease-free state. The imbalance of any of the doshas leads to a disease. Imbalance in Vata and Kapha doshas is considered as root cause of diabetic neuropathy. Planet Ayurveda Herbal Remedies control both Vata and Kapha doshas and thus effective in controlling sugar levels. Our ‘Diabetes Neuropathy care pack’ consists of natural herbal remedies, which help to improve physical and mental ability, supports energy, stamina and vitality. It is purely natural and non-toxic product. It helps and enhances the production of insulin by rejuvenating the pancreas naturally. Our Diabetes Neuropathy care pack is also very helpful in other health ailments due to diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetes Neuropathy Care Pack

Planet Ayurveda Diabetes Neuropathy care pack has been specially designed for taking care of diabetic neuropathy and the associated symptoms. The contents of this herbal pack are Ashwagandha capsules, Shilajit capsules and Chanderprabha Vati (tablets). These 3 herbal supplements are used as effective Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. The herbal supplements are totally pure, natural and without any chemicals. These herbal products help to control blood sugar level. You can buy this ‘Diabetes Neuropathy care pack’ online at:-
Herbal Remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy

*You must use this herbal pack for diabetic neuropathy for about at least one month to see satisfactory results. These herbal supplements can be used for years without any side effects and also in conjugation with other supplements or modern medicines to control blood sugar level naturally.

Ashwagandha Capsules: Ashwagandha is an active herbal supplement commonly used for the preparation of variety of ayurvedic remedies. It is found to be very effective since ancient times for the treatment of various ailments. This medicinal herb is widely found in India and root part of the plant is commonly used for the preparation of herbal remedies. Ashwagandha or winter cherry is well known for its astringent, aphrodisiac and thermogenic properties. Presence of flavonoids in ashwagandha reduces the aging process. Our Ashwagandha Capsules are excellent in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. Regular intake of these herbal capsules helps in the prevention of fatigue and weight loss due to diabetic neuropathy.

Shilajit Capsules: Shilajit Capsules are widely used to treat diabetic neuropathy naturally. It helps in metabolisation of glucose in the body. Our Shilajit capsules maintain blood sugar level and controls diabetic neuropathy naturally. Numerous people are suffering from diabetes and they depend upon insulin injections. These herbal capsules help to control the level of diabetic neuropathy in a natural way. They help to improve the health conditions of most diabetic patients. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is considered as a ‘rasayana’. It works as a rejuvenator and makes the body more powerful. Most Physicians recommend Shilajit Capsules as a natural supplement for diabetic neuropathy treatment.

Chanderprabha Vati (Tablets): Chanderprabha Vati is very useful for diseases of urinary tract and seminal disorders. It is known to produce effective results in joint pains, arthritis, sciatica, weakness, diabetes, jaundice and diabetic neuropathy. It promotes nourishment of body and has been used predominantly in strengthening of kidney function. Chanderprabha Vati is used in treatment of diabetic neuropathy and related symptoms. It is also effective as an aphrodisiac and according to Ayurveda; this herbal supplement is believed to be have properties similar to as that of a moon removing out the darkness in night. This tablet removes toxins from the body naturally. It is used for the treatment of the imbalance of all the three doshas.


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