Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules – Uses, Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Dosage, Precautions and Side effects

Phyllanthus Niruri capsulesPhyllanthus Niruri‘ is a herb which is used as a source for making Phyllanthus Niruri capsules, marketed as herbal supplements the world over. Phyllanthus Niruri is the botanical name for the plant commonly known as ‘Stone Breaker’ or Shatter Stone’. The Spanish name for this herb is ‘Chanca Piedra’. The Sanskrit name for this herb as mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures is, ‘Bhumyamlaki’, ‘Bhumi’ meaning earth and ‘Amla’ meaning small berries. This herb is primarily a tropical plant which is grown in coastal areas.It has mention in the most ancient scriptures of Ayurveda and referred to as tamalaki, uttama, bahupatra and so on. Renowned aryurveda practitioner of ancient times, Maharishi Charaka called it ‘kasahara’- that which cures cough and ‘svasahara’- that which cures asthma. Ayurveda textbooks recommend this herb as appetite stimulant, laxative, digestant and liver stimulant. It is stated to have a bitter, sweet and astringent effect, post-digestion.

Medicinal properties

Extract of this herb as a whole or its fruits, leaves and roots separately find wide range of use in Ayurvedic medicine as a ‘dietary supplement’. The extract of the whole plant packaged in the capsule form and sold under the name of ‘Phyllanthus Niruri capsule‘ is also popularly known as, ‘Bhumyamlaki’ or ‘Bhumiamla’.

Phyllanthus Niruri is believed to contain flavonoids, alkaloids, lignans, sapnonins, terpenoids, tannins, polyphenols and coumarins which make it a sought after herb with a plethora of benefits to our health and well-being apart from its ability to cure many ailments. Earlier clinical trials have also amply proven therapeutic benefits of phytochemicals contained in it.

Its extract has anti-HIV, anti-hepatitis B, anti-hypertensive and hepato-protective properties. The herb has been used extensively for centuries to treat urinary calculi. It is also popular for its stomachic properties and used as ‘preventive medicine’ for people suffering high risk of developing stones. Fresh root extract of Phyllanthus is a proven cure for jaundice and its milky extract treats offensive sores.

In the past decade, the herb has gained attention from many researchers owing to its hepato-protective properties. From among five major hepatitis viruses known to us, hepatitis A and hepatitis B are most prevalent and dangerous. Research has proven therapeutic efficacy of this herb in treating hepatitis B.

Specific diseases it cures

  1. Liver Diseases: Phyllanthus Niruri helps cure several liver related ailments like jaundice, liver cancer and hepatitis.
  2. Gastrointestinal problems: The herb is used as a medication to treat flatulence as well as, aid digestion. This herb is also often prescribed to patients suffering from stomach pain and intestinal parasites as well.
  3. Kidney and gall bladder stones: This herb is primarily used to prevent formation of calcium stones in the kidney and gall bladder. The name ‘stone-breaker’ was in fact given to this plant because of its ability to cure as well as, prevent the formation of gall bladder and kidney stones.
  4. Anti-HIV and anti-hepatitis B properties: Phyllanthus Niruri possesses hepato-protective qualities and helps treating Hepatitis B. Its effectiveness in relieving acute symptoms of HIV has also been established through many studies. Research conducted in this field has also shown that Phyllanthus Niruri helps treat Hepatitis B to a great extent.
  5. Diabetes: The herb effectively helps cure and manage diabetes.
  6. Other problems it cures include – Leucorrhea and menorrhagia in women, Urinary disorder, chronic fever, diabetes, excessive thirst, as diuretic and immunity booster.

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For best results, it is recommended to take one to two capsules, each containing 500 mg of Phyllanthus Niruri two times a day after meals. However, it is best to consult a registered Ayurvedic practitioner before taking these capsules to avoid reaction with any ongoing medication or side –effects due to any chronic ailment.


Despite the fact that the herb is not believed to have any adverse effects when taken, one must take it only when advised by a registered Ayurvedic practitioner. Some patients may show some allergic reactions to this herb and hence, must avoid consuming it, once the allergy is determined.

Pregnant women too should abstain from taking Phyllanthus Niruri supplement; feeding mothers on the other hand may take this herb if medically prescribed.

Heart patients too are advised to take Phyllanthus Niruri only after consulting their doctors, as this herb may contradict the medication being taken for the heart already. Similarly people on diabetes medication should also consult their GP before taking this herb, as their ongoing medication may require modifications if this herb is consumed alongside. This product may at times result in increased need to urinate.

It is advised that this product be stored in a cool dry place and away from hot and cold temperatures; as well as reach of children.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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