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Radiant Skin Hair Nail FormulaPlanet Ayurveda‘s ‘Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula‘ is an innovative herbal supplement that helps cure various skin problems and promote radiant skin, beautiful hair and strong nails. The supplement’s unique formula provides nourishment to the skin; hair and nails from within, thus enabling them to grow better and stronger with each passing day.

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1-2 Capsules twice daily, after meals, with plain water

Ingredients of Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula

This herbal supplement is made using extracts from four different plants, they are:

  1. Manjistha plant also known as or Rubia cordifolia: Manjistha is a very effective blood purifier and is known to provide relief from the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The extracts of this plant help healing of chronic wounds and burns, as well as curing skin diseases like eczema, edema, scabies and acne. In addition this herb aids treatment related to appetite loss as well as dyspepsia. Manjistha is also used for hepatitis treatment.
  2. Pit Papda or Fumaria officinalis: Another blood cleanser, this herb is often used to treat skin disorders varying from eczema to skin cancer. This plant also contains protopine- which has spasmolytic, anti-arrhythmic and anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Chirata or Swertia chiretta: Found on the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains, this herb is very useful in treating fever as well as several skin problems. Chirata consumption helps in secretion of bile thereby promoting good digestion. In addition this herb is useful in providing relief from nausea and bloating stomach problems. The herb is also very effective in protecting the liver and for regulating blood sugar levels.
  4. Ghrit Kumari more commonly known as Aloe barbadenis: The use of this plant for beauty treatments dates back to several centuries. The Aloe Vera plant is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acid, plant sterol and salicylic acid; all of which help treat several health disorders. Aloe Vera extract possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and are thus used to treat sun-burns, acne, pimples and eczema. Known for its healing properties this herb also aids functioning of the liver and bowel movement.

General health benefits

Apart from nutrients obtained from regular diet, one needs additional supplements to maintain age-less looking skin, hair and nails. Herbs used in the production of this supplement help in the making of collagen and keratin, necessary for healthy skin and hair and nails; with age the production of these two compounds tends to slow down as a result of which one begins to experience hair loss, brittle nails and dry and loose skin. Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula supplement helps in cell build up required for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Specific Diseases It Cures

This supplement can be used for treating conditions like:

  1. Age related skin problems such as wrinkles and dark circles
  2. Skin problems like acne, Eczema, dry skin, ringworm, psoriasis and Athlete’s foot
  3. Hair problems like premature graying, excessive hair fall, dull hair
  4. Brittle nails
  5. Liver cirrhosis
  6. lichen planus
  7. Candidiasis
  8. Pityriasis versicolor
  9. Impetigo

The supplement being an active blood purifier, removes impurities from blood, thereby, promoting clear skin and long and healthy hair and nails; in addition it acts as a blood and immunity booster.

Side Effects/Precautions

There have been no reported side effects on the consumption of this supplement.

Why Use Planet Ayurveda Product?

The secret to attaining glowing skin, long and beautiful hair and healthy nails is mainly healthy nutrition. However your diet is not sufficient to provide all the nourishment required by your hair, skin and nails; one has to depend on additional supplements too. Planet Ayurveda‘s Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula, rich in minerals and vitamins, has been scientifically designed to solve all your skin, hair and nails related problems. One can see the positive results of this herb in a very short span of time.

About Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr. Vikram Chauhan, MD in Ayurveda, founder and CEO of this company based at Chandigarh, India, aims to provide the best quality Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula for the global market. He has been working relentlessly in his endeavor to popularize and promote knowledge of Ayurveda, world over.

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